opening 2023

Immersive experience in Las Yungas mountains 


Located in the heart of Las Yungas, in Jujuy, in the Argentine Noroeste, Finca La Fé offers moments full of sensations to wildlife lovers. A finca with more than 2,400 hectares of jungle, lodges on pilotis, a table d’hôtes and activities in conexion with nature. 

In a totally preserved environment, far from beaten tracks, Finca La Fé suggests to live an authentic experience, in order to create unalterable memories: sleeping in the forest, hiking through the Yungas, or bathing under the stars.



There are two wooden cabins with all amenities, to relax in connection with nature.


2 guests | 42m2 and 16m2 terrace | hot tub

Dedicated for a privileged moment in duo. The Lodge “Marcel”, with a superb view of the mountains, invites to rediscover the pleasure of living at the rhythm of nature.


4 guests | 66m2 and 30m2 of terrace | hot tub

Spacious and comfortable, the “Alcide” lodge helps to savor delicious moments with family or friends, from the large terrace perched in the shade of trees.

about us


The finca covers more than 2400 hectares of jungle and mountains, in the heart of the preserved region of Yungas, south of Jujuy.


the place

In the middle of a nature still intact and a few steps from the lodges, Finca La Fé offers a table d’hôte where to share a friendly asado, and a terrace where to enjoy a wine of Jujuy front of the mountains.

French touch in the jungle

local flavors

la table

At Finca La Fé, the table d’hôte allows you to restore all day long. Our signature: fresh products, a friendly cuisine with French accents, accompanied by terroir wines.

French recipes, argentine cooking

The time of an aperitif or an asado under the quincho, discover the ritual of the Argentine grills, associated with our cooking secrets inherited from France.

Table d'hôtes

Homemade dishes to taste on site : breakfast on the lodge terrace, plancha criolla to share o dinner under the stars.


The owners willingly share their discoveries and favorites of the moment: Crémant de Mendoza, Torrentes or Tintos of Quebrada.



At Finca La Fé, the trails made with a machete blowing travelers to the heart of the dense landscapes of the Yungas jungle.


A local guide takes travelers venture into the jungle, explore the rio and browse the heights of the mountains, meets a raw nature and wild inhabitants. Machete and binoculars are indispensable

horseback riding

Follow the traces of the gauchos, as the only landmark in the  jungle, with companion, the one of the Argentine crollos of the Finca.


On horseback, or with their cows, the gauchos of Finca La Fé live their job as before. Immersion in these secular traditions.

sustainability approach

Since the origins of the project, Finca La Fé is trying to engage in a respectful approach of both men and the environment. At the construction site, most of the materials needed for the work were taken within the finca.
The infrastructures are energy independent, the water comes from the source of the Finca.
The offer of the table d’hôtes values local producers: plants and meats come from Yungas.
We work for economic benefits at the local level: craftsmen and employees live in the neighboring village.